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                           WELCOME BACK TO CHURCH  



” You are my defender and protector. You are my God in you, I trust.”

He will keep you safe from all hidden dangers and deadly diseases.”

Psalm 91:2-3

                      Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ

         Welcome back to church!  As we make preparation to return to               worshipping inside our church, along with Livestream on Palm                 Sunday, April 10th, and Easter Sunday, April 17th.   We want to               notify you of some significant differences we will experience, and           some practices that we need to observe.  


1.     Masks are mandatory for ages 2 & up. (Masks will be provided if            needed)

2.     Please sanitize hands upon entering church.  (Hand sanitizing                stations)

3.     Social distancing will be observed.

4.     Complete the Contact Tracer Card and return to the basket                      provided.

5.     If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness! PLEASE remain            home and enjoy the livestream service.

                                 When Entering & Exiting the Church

                               (PLEASE use the Front Entrance ONLY)

1.     Upon entering the church please, STOP and sanitize your hands.

2.     Please allow the Ushers to seat you. Family/members of the same          household please sit together.

3.     Please follow the directions of the Ushers upon leaving the church.

4.     A table with tithes envelopes and sacrament materials will be in              the vestibule upon entering the sanctuary.

5.     On Communion Sunday, please pick up Sacrament upon entering          service and dispose of your cup in the receptacles upon leaving            church.

6.     Health care ministry members will be there to answer any                        questions you may have.

As we re-gather together in church to offer praise and thanksgiving to God, we prayerfully offer these guidelines to you to assist us in a safe and healthy transition back to services in our sanctuary.  It is likely, learning as we go, we will revise our practices and procedures as time goes on.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you soon.


PJ Healthcare Ministry

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