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pilgrim Journey

baptist  church

mission statement



The mission and aim of the Pilgrim Journey Baptist Church are in accordance with the Holy Scriptures and undergirded by the Articles of Faith. We are established for the purposes of Christian education and spiritual development: spreading the word of God through evangelism and public ministry; empowering the fellowship through worship.




Living together in love and faith while extending God's promise through spiritual development, education, service, and fellowship.

pilgrim journey

baptist church


Composed of a group of collectives that define our self-identity activity, and spirituality as a congregation.  These collectives provide the congregation with anatomy and strategies for how we proceed in ministry in the world.

A Collective Consciousness
A Collective Spirit
A Collective Nature
A Collective Faith
A Collective Love
A Collective Trust
A Collective Mission
A Collective Objective
A Collective Optimism
A Collective Peace
A Collective Virtue
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